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We believe that in order for youth to achieve scholastic goals, they must have support and tools for success. We provide tools and support in the form of school supplies and tutoring to Houston's youth. 


Fresh Fruits is a curriculum exclusive to C.R.O.W.N.S that we deliver at parks, churches, school and other organizations that are interested. Fresh Fruits can be packaged in a presentation or a 10 - 12 week program  


Fresh Fruits “The Cure” conducted will document the effectiveness of life skills and behavioral change. Having a positive impact on healthy habits, healthy attitudes, and healthy assertiveness, self-mastery including personal control, self-confidence, self-satisfaction, and in addition to helping handle social anxiety. It also has the potential for reducing risk for violence, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, and other unhealthy out comes from poor choices. (F.F) teaching skills for saying “no”. To unfair requests or offers to encourage negative choices from anyone. Fresh Fruits is personally valuable and fun to build healthy Characteristic and self-development.


 Fresh Fruits “The Cure” Lesson series based on theconcept of natural Fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables provide the following benefits: Promote good health and protect against disease, both now and in the future. To ensure the child's healthy growth and development 

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